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TFS Build running out of space.

June 23, 2008

This morning all our builds started failing with the following in the error logs

the reason was because the drop location directory had accumilated too many builds and had run out of space. Rather than deleting the builds through explorer in the drop location you should remove them through TFS so that TFS knows about it.

Here is the command to do so: TfsBuild delete <TeamFoundationServer> <TeamProject> <BuildNumbers> [/noprompt]



December 3, 2007

Today at work I realized that TFS has some basic functionality missing from the GUI.
In VSS you could undo someone elses checkouts easily by logging in as admin and right clicking -> undo checkout. This scenario might be useful in the event that a developer is sick or has quit and still has files exclusively checked out. Luckily there is a command to do this from comand line inteface: tf undo /workspace:workspacename /server:http://urltotfs:port /recursive “$/projectname”