Frustrated and Disappointed.

July 1, 2008

<frustrated rant>

So on Monday night, a project that I have been working on for 3 months goes live. The project it self was very exciting and fun but unfortunately, it was managed very poorly and as a result, had scope creep and was not finished in time. It was not ready to go live yet it was rushed and tightly managed by Business Analysts and IT General Managers to ensure it still went out and made the deadline. Towards the middle of the project I had raised my conerns many times to the relevant business sponsors but it was ignored. Now, the¬†applications launch (although it was reasonably successful) has lost a lot of credability because it keeps erroring. There have been over 1 million hits to the website with about a 60% error rate/unacceptable user experience. They have had an enormous amount of purchases made through the online store but I don’t think they realise (or chose to care) about the fact that those numbers could have been doubled. It is a frustrating feeling when IT Managers don’t choose to accept the advise of IT Professionals around them. I believe it is called micro managing. I strongly believe an Agile environment would solve these issues I have been experiencing as of late.

</frustrated rant>


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