Visual Studio Project Templates Missing

April 9, 2008

So today I installed Visual Studio 2005 Team system onto my machine that already had Visual Studio 2008 Professional edition on it and when I opened up VS2005 I was missing all my project templates

Basically I didn’t have that little expansion cross next to Visual C# or Visual Basic at all. I ran across this blog and left a thankful message as he has saved me a lot of grief in time wasted reinstalling the solution.



  1. 1) Log in as admin.
    2) Open the VS2005 Command Line.
    3) Run the following: “devenv /InstallVSTemplates”

  2. Hi HaryCary,

    Thanks for the summarized solution =]

  3. Dood, I love you. It fixed my problem in Visual studio 2008, I installed Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition after uninstalling a trial version of the same software, all project templates were gone – apparently the “devenv /InstallVSTemplates” works the same in 2008 as 2005. Infinite love and soapy slathery hugs and kisses to you… no homo though!

  4. Hi, it is not working…

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